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San Marcos Gentle Dental offers exceptional dental care for residents in or near New Braunfels, TX. We have extraction procedures and treatments that can be quite painful at times so we offer sedation to all of our patients. As a sedation dentist we can minimize all pain from the procedures and allow for quick and easy extraction of your damaged teeth or wisdom teeth. We are totally certified by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation so we are able to maximize your level of comfort when you receive advanced dental work from us. Get in touch with us to set up an appointment with our sedation dentist office.

Pulling Teeth

Teeth that are not properly cared for have the potential of becoming obsessed or rotted to such a degree that removal is essential for comfort. It is an operation that can be performed in a dentist office rather easily. There are a few general things to know about the whole process.

The first that it is not routinely done just for the sake of doing it. An abscessed tooth can cause very severe and very sharp pain. This can ultimately affect a person’s health and is a reason for a tooth extraction. At the same time, too, can be damaged in an accident or some other injury can happen to the face that results in a broken tooth. To avoid possible serious infection, the tooth may have to be removed. A local anesthetic is applied first to numb the area around the tooth and a general anesthetic could be used if several teeth are going to be taken out. The difference is that general anesthesia brings on slumber. Post-surgery may include stitches. The missing tooth is ordinarily replaced with an implant or a bridge if several teeth are being removed.

Infection can be a concern because the amount of bacteria that is present in the mouth. It may be necessary for antibiotics to be administered oath before and after dental surgery. A patient recovering from tooth extraction surgery must pay very close attention to instructions given by the attending dentist. Whatever needs to be done to avoid post-operative infections must be followed by a patient to prevent serious health problems.

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